At the recent London Real Estate Forum, one project in particular stood out with its proposal for a Greenwich landmark that will benefit the local community and more for generations to come.

ALUNA is set to become the world’s largest Moon and Tide clock, and exhibited at LREF to seek investment as it reaches its final stages. It’s a project that Teamspirit Property is proud to have supported for over a year, developing and implementing a communications strategy to raise its profile among potential investors as well as media. Designed by the artist Laura Williams, ALUNA is made up of three vast recycled glass rings and is powered naturally by the Sun and Moon’s tides. It will be sited at 0° Longitude in Greenwich, London, as part of a wider redevelopment of the peninsula and could attract an additional 260,000 visitors spending an estimated £4m a year in the area.

The range of skills involved in creating it spans a huge range of sectors: it has been developed by an international team of engineers, designers, environmentalists, astronomers and oceanographers, and other partners include G L Hearn and global structural engineers Ramboll. Not only that, but it’s gathered further support from stakeholders such as the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London’s Science Museum, Sir Tim Smit, co-founder of the Eden Project and Richard Dawkins.

As a celebration of Britain’s astronomical and maritime past, creator of local investment and jobs, and ultimately a generator of electricity through tidal power when finished, this is a landmark that is truly sustainable.